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Coral Hazeldine

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Dear NTMUN II Delegates,

My name is Coral Hazeldine, a Junior from Hsinchu International School, and I am incredibly thrilled and grateful to serve as your President of the Historical Security Council.


NTMUN II marks my ninth conference and third time chairing the Security Council (even though this is HSC.) For me, MUN is like nothing I have ever experienced. The remarkable mix of the eerily intimidating debate rooms, where I have had my fair share of embarrassing moments, and the welcoming community in which I have met some of the coolest people excites me. More importantly, the opportunities MUN gives me keeps me are what keep me so committed to it. Being in MUN means I have endless chances to educate myself on the world and make sure my voice is heard.


Outside of the committee room, if I am not stressing out about my APs or fawning over Taylor Swift, you will probably find me rewatching every single Disney Movie on Disney+, doing anything art-related, exercising, or buying books I know deep down I will never read.

If you have any queries, MUN or non-MUN related, however small they may be, my DMs are always open! I know how enriching a positive MUN experience can be, so I will do everything I can as a chair to ensure NTMUN II will be an unforgettable conference for all of my delegates as NTMUN I was for me.


I cannot wait to see all of you in November! See you soon :D



I am Emma Chou, your Deputy President in the Historical Security Council.

For a brief introduction, I am a freshman from Kang Chiao International School and an active participant in KCMUN. Ever since my first conference in seventh grade, I found myself passionate in the deep discussions and analyses among seniors; joining them, I would like to broaden the Model United Nations community through my own hands, by serving as a Chair. With six conferences of delegate experiences and three best delegate awards, I believe I am capable of managing my first-ever conference chairing.


Aside from academics, I enjoy a game of cribbage in my spare time, and I also entertain myself with Copic drawing! Some of my most courageous, considerate, and charming friends are made in the physiological game of Model United Nations. The same goes for this conference; I would like to see precious
friendships formed, revealing smiles under the serious mask of a MUNer. I urge effectiveness and efficiency in conferences, producing a seamless, unforgettable experience would also be my goal.

Indeed, Model United Nations is stressful and traumatic, so feel free to reach out to me anytime! See y’all in November!

Emma Chou

Deputy President

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