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What does the registration fee cover?

The registration fee covers lunch on both days, souvenirs, transportation (for eligible participants; see here for more info), and other conference set-up fees.

Should I register using the Individual Delegate Form or Form I?

The Individual Delegate Form is for students who are not participating as part of a school delegation. Usually, this applies to students who are not accompanied by an MUN Director or other teacher chaperone. As some schools may not want to send a group delegation, the Individual Delegate Form provides an opportunity for students to sign up for NTMUN on their own. 


Form I is for school/group delegations. If a school is applying as a group delegation, the MUN Director or another representative should fill out Form I, and students from that school should not fill out the Individual Delegate Form. 

When and how are delegate positions assigned and announced?

For individual delegates, country/committee assignments are decided by the NTMUN Secretariat Team based on the information provided through the Individual Delegate Form. For school/group delegations, Form II will be released on July 5, 2023 which will contain contain detailed payment information and a list of delegate positions which MUN Directors may assign to students according to their skill levels and preferences. The finalized country/committee rosters will be released on our website and through email in January.

I applied for a chair position and was rejected. What now?

Unsuccessful chair applicants are automatically added to the NTMUN rosters as delegates. If you would like to withdraw from NTMUN entirely, please inform us through email as soon as possible, preferably by July 10, 2023. 

Can I withdraw my participation from NTMUN?

All applicants to NTMUN may withdraw their participation at any point prior to payment. Please inform us through email of your withdrawal as soon as possible. After payment, refunds will not be made unless the applicant can provide evidence of a positive COVID-19 test result or another medical emergency which will prevent them from attending the conference. 

I contracted COVID-19 / am undergoing a medical emergency which will prevent me from attending NTMUN. What should I do?

Email us with evidence of your medical emergency and a refund will be provided. For a case of COVID-19, please provide photographic evidence of a positive COVID-19 test result with the student's full English name + the date the test was taken written on the test in marker. The date written on the test must be the same date the image is emailed to us. For other medical emergencies, a signed doctor's note or other official record of a medical appointment/affliction will be sufficient.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds for circumstances which are not medical in nature. Please email us if you have any further queries.

Can my parents / friends / teachers come to observe my participation in NTMUN?

For safety and liability reasons, only NTMUN student participants as well as registered advisors can enter the conference location.


How do I register as an advisor?


Advisors may only be MUN Directors, other teacher chaperones, or MUN club student leaders who are not attending as delegates/chairs. Registered advisors are the only people aside from NTMUN student participants who may enter the conference location.


For school/group delegations, the names and contact information of all advisors must be provided to us on Form II. For individual delegates, an official representative of your school must email us the name and contact information of your advisor by August 15, 2023. Each individual delegate may be accompanied by no more than one advisor. Lunch and souvenirs will not be provided to advisors of individual delegates unless they pay the added advisor fee of 2000 NTD by August 15, 2023.

Advisors will be expected to participate in the Approval Panel, which will review student resolutions for formatting errors and plagiarism.

I am NOT staying at the Highness Hotel. Will I still be able to receive transportation to and from the conference?

For logistical reasons, only participants staying at the Highness Hotel who have filled out the Accommodation & Transportation (A&T) Form will be guaranteed transportation. If you are not staying at the Highness Hotel, please fill out the A&T Form anyway and we will try our best to arrange transportation for you.

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