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Sophia Wu

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Welcome to NTMUN! 

My name is Sophia Wu, a current senior at Asia American International Academy. I am honored to be serving as your secretary-general in NTMUN II. My MUN journey embarked on during my freshman year. In the beginning, I only expected MUN to improve my confidence in public speaking and increase my understanding of global issues. However, MUN has allowed me to develop the skill of viewing issues from multiple perspectives. Furthermore, I have made new friends and learned skills from other delegates. It is captivating to see delegates utilize their creativity to draft feasible solutions while remaining on their stance. From my first conference till now, MUN has given an extensive knowledge of pressing global issues and proven to me that MUN isn’t about judging the rights and wrongs of matters, instead it focuses on receiving outside opinions to help come to a compromise. 

This year’s conference “The Wheel of Progress” reminds delegates about the main idea of MUN, for countries to understand the progress that we had accomplished and generate that further. MUN isn’t only about debating what your delegation believes in. I hope this year’s theme helps delegates understand the importance of discussing possible solutions, whether that be during lobbying or debate. 

Looking forward to seeing you all in November! 


Hugo Chiang

Honorable MUN directors, chairs, delegates, diligent admins, and distinguished guests, my name is Hugo Chiang, a senior at Asia American International Academy.

This year I have the honor and pleasure of serving as the Secretary-General at NTMUN II. I started my MUN journey during my freshman year as a delegate, and over the years have fallen in love with MUN. I started just like everyone else and was terrified of the idea of giving a speech, but over time I broke down that barrier and began to speak up. That was when I finally understood the pleasures of the MUN and was exposed to global issues, politics, and so much more. 

This year, I hope to see everyone break that barrier just like I once did and speak up even if you don’t feel comfortable doing so because there’s a high chance that someone else is also going through the same thing. I hope everyone makes new friends and comes out of the conference better informed about global issues and their importance. Nonetheless, that’s enough MUN talk– outside of MUN, you may find me mostly sleeping, watching Netflix, and working with little sleep to finish my assignments. If you relate to any of those, then I’m sure we’ll get along. Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I’m hoping to see everyone in November!

Tammy Hsu

Deputy Secretary-General

My name is Tammy Hsu, a junior from Asia American International Academy, and it is an honor of mine to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General for this year’s NTMUN.

To me, MUN is a place of growth and inclusion. I was a timid sixth grader when I first stumbled upon the world of Model United Nations, yet the community embraced me with open hands. The strong sense of belonging sparked my interest in continuing my pursuit of this journey. This year's theme "The Wheel of Progress" reminds our delegates to revisit the roots of MUN. Above all the heated negotiations and debates, the main purpose of MUN is to unite people of differences and reach a common consensus: to make the world a better place. 

Aside from MUN, I enjoy spending time outdoors under the sun, advocating for climate issues, and binge-watching cringy romcoms.

With that said, I hope our participating delegates can make the most of their time here at AAIA, leaving the conference with a newfound passion that will push them to continue their paths in MUN. I, along with the Secretariat Team, am so glad to have you be a part of our second NTMUN conference.
See you all in November!

Deputy Secretary-General of Committees 

Nelson Tai


My name is Nelson Tai, a senior at Asia American International Academy. It is my utmost pleasure to serve as your Deputy Secretary-General of Committees for this year's NTMUN. 

I started my Model UN journey back in 9th grade hoping that I would become better at public speaking and debating. During my first conference, however, I was extremely nervous and was afraid to be called upon. Shortly, after participating in more conferences, I started to learn more about the conference process and therefore started to engage more in the debates. Being one of the inexperienced delegates and knowing the stress that delegates may encounter, I strongly recommend each delegate spend adequate amounts of time in preparation before the conference and pay attention to every speech, POI, and amendment.

Aside from MUN, some of my other hobbies include watching Netflix, playing sports with friends, and even spending an unhealthy amount of time playing video games. Overall, I hope to make NTMUN a memorable conference for everyone. I wish you guys the best of luck and I look forward to seeing all of you in November!
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