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Greetings delegates!


My name is Sarina Tsai, a sophomore at Asia American International Academy, and it is with great pleasure that I serve as your Deputy President in the Security Council. NTMUN II will be my thirteenth conference and second time chairing.


I began my MUN journey in 7th grade, starting as a baffled student who was intimidated by the powerful speakers in my committee. Fortunately, with the help of my chairs and fellow peers, I overcame the obstacles I faced, ending my first conference with a newly-founded eagerness to continue my MUN journey.


I encouraged myself to speak more with each passing conference and soon began to enjoy the intense crossfires, forming alliances with delegations and bringing about a sense of unity. I have since expanded my knowledge regarding global issues, founded a love for public speaking, and created several lasting friendships.


Aside from MUN, I enjoy singing, dancing, and reading. MUN has fueled my passion for debate and left a profound impact on my life, and I hope to spread my love for MUN to you all. See you in NTMUN II!

Deputy President

Sarina Tsai

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